Years of Coaching
Current Ranking
USCF Rating
  • Top 1% National Ranking
  • Expert Chess Player
  • Can Play Chess Blind-Folded
  • Won 2 State Championships
  • Work Experience With Professional Chess Companies:
    CheckMates Chess Academy

A little bit about me

I am a professional chess instructor who offers chess lessons to further your chess knowledge and to help you become a stronger chess player. Chess allows you to create higher level of mental thinking processes, advance your cognitive abilities, and acquire strong reasoning skills.

I have 5+ years of experience teaching chess in the entire Chicago-Land area and I absolutely love it! I am also coaching Niles North High School Chess Team who are top 5 in the entire state of Illinois. My strongest asset that I bring to the table, on top of being an expert chess player and a highly experienced coach, are my interpersonal skills. I present new material in the most entertaining and engaging way as possible so you can find chess as fun and as intriguing as I do!

5+ Years of Coaching Experience
2+ Years of Private Lesson Experience
Expert Chess Player
USCF Rating (2035)

Why I love what I do

I learned how to play chess when I was 6 years old. I started playing competitively when I was a Freshmen at Niles North High School. I developed a passion for the game when my coach from Niles North helped instill a sense of curiosity and wonder regarding the game of chess for me. I learned there was a whole new world for me to discover. It was an eureka like, or epiphanic moment, and my life had changed forever. Now I work as a chess instructor and I love when I can help one of my students achieve that same sense of satisfaction from playing chess and discovering exciting new ideas!



Featured in News

1st Place in National High School K-12 USCF Championships (Chess Rating 1600-1699)
3rd Place at Chicago Class USCF Chess Tournament (Under 2100)
1st Place at State High School K-12 Championships
1st Place at State High School K-12 Championships (2012)
1st Place at West Chicago Invitational Scholastic Chess Tournament (2010)

"We are so glad to find a teacher like Rafeh who works well with young students like my son. He is committed himself in getting our son's rating above 1000 in less than 3 months. Our son has already increased his rating by 150 points in 2 weeks of his teaching. Love to work more with him and get our son excited about playing chess and start building the art of playing chess."

− Madhav P.

"Rafeh knows chess incredibly well. I was already familiar with the basics, but he's exposed me to whole new ways of thinking about the game. He's very personable, comes prepared, offers homework, and even plays correspondence chess with me via smartphone. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone as a superb chess tutor!"

− Uzair Q.

"Rafeh is the strongest player I've met in person. He has a deep insight into the game, and gives specific attention to every aspect of play during his lessons. His classes are focused, efficient and most importantly super fun. Thanks to Rafeh, I've absolutely been crushing my friends in chess now. The positions that seem mundane open up to enormous possibilities, and I now can see the game much deeper than I could before tactically."

− Mert I.

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